“Self sufficient” doesn’t mean “alone.”

At the Plaid Thumb, we understand how important your community is. If you were from Scotland or Ireland, your family or country would have a specific plaid pattern called a tartan. Other families and regions would be able to recognize where you were from, and who your family is.

Your growers community is also important and unique. I mean, who else are you going to contact when you are the one who finds a way to extend your growth seasons into December!? You know exactly who you’re sending those pictures to.

Whether you are a brand new gardener, or already have two plaid thumbs, we welcome you and can’t wait to help and hear about your success.

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Hey, we get it! And we agree with you.

You watch the debate go back and forth between GMOs, preservatives and pesticides and which evil is greater when you are asking the right question of, “Why does my family and I need any of these?”

Companies act like food hasn’t been grown for thousands of years without the help of their chemical products.

Well, luckily, you understand you don’t have to put up with that. There are far better technologies that are natural and safe for your family. Now you are in control of what your family eats.

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Yard to table

Of course we all love farmer’s markets. Where else are you going to get the freshest, organic produce? Well, up until now, nowhere.

Instead of walking from booth to booth looking for the best deals on the produce you love, simply step outside and grab your favorites.

Forget about what’s in season. You can create your own seasons with just a little equipment and a little know how.

Looks like everyone will be visiting YOUR booth next time.

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