ClimaPod Passion XL


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ClimaPod Passion XL Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse for gardening, flowering or vegetabling with rust resistant aluminum frame.

ClimaPod Passion XL Greenhouse is European style greenhouse that is made of transparent 4 MM polycarbonate. All of our greenhouses are perfect for growing organic produce, but can also be used for a wide range of activities, including gardening/flowering, child’s playroom, art or music studio, sun room, and as a lounge/exercise room. Passion XL’s are the largest Greenhouse Kits from between all CLIMAPOD series. Such large greenhouses are well suited for growing vegetables or berries for sale, for big farmers, large orangery and also for other business ideas.

Extremely heavy duty construction:
Thick aluminum profiles
4 MM polycarbonate panels
Sliding doors with magnetic locker

Assembly requirements:
1-3 people, 2-4 days (involving more people make it easier and reduce assembly time).
The durable roof can hold over 12″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12″).
Warranty of 10 years.

ClimaPod Passion XL 9’x28′ Starter Kit includes:

    • 4 MM UV Coated twin-wall Polycarbonate Panels
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing
    • 5” Aluminum Base
    • 8 Roof Windows
    • 8 Manual Window Openers
    • 8’11” x 28’5” x 7’11” ClimaPod Passion XL Greenhouse
    • ClimaPod Passion XL Greenhouse exact dimensions
    • Outside: 8’ 11 3/16” (2722 mm) x 28′ 5 9/16″ (8676 mm) x 7’ 11” (2412 mm)
    • Inside: 8’ 8 7/8” (2664 mm) x 28′ 3 5/16″ (8618 mm) x 7’ 10” (2387 mm)
    • Total 254 sq. ft.
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